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Organic Mountain Tea

Τσάι του Βουνού Bio


Mountain tea or Sideritis is probably the most well-known and cherished herb, with many unique and beneficial effects. It contains essential oils and flavonoids and has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
Laboratory researches have shown that drinking mountain tea helps relieve the symptoms of inflammation, anxiety, convulsions, upset stomach, anaemia; it also assists with healing, sweating, detoxing and is a natural diuretic.
Mountain tea relieves upper-respiratory infections, indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues; it boost the immune system and combats the average cold.


Mountain tea is a very popular herbal tea in the Mediterranean and it can be enjoyed either hot or cold, on its own or with some honey or lemon.
Ingredients: Organic Sideritis blossoms
Packaging: Craft paper bag with window (with filters)
Net weight: 20 grams
Product origin: Greece
Production area: It is written on the product


To enjoy hot, add some mountain tea blossoms in the filter found in the packaging and place it in a cup. Fill the cup with hot water (approximately 90°C) and then cover the cup and let the tea brew for at least 5-7’. Then remove the filter and enjoy your tea as it is or by adding a sweetener of your choice.
To enjoy cold, repeat the above steps by doubling the amount of blossoms and adding ice cubes when the tea has finished brewing.