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Organic Peppermint

Μέντα Bio


Menthol is the main active ingredient of peppermint essential oil. Peppermint has stomach-soothing and carminative effects. It is highly effective with indigestion, relieves bloating and other gastrointestinal disorders, and also has mild laxative effects. Furthermore, peppermint has mild anesthetic and antiseptic properties and for this reason it is widely used for toothaches and oral hygiene.
It is also used in products to treat rheumatisms, and in various inhalants to soothe congestion, laryngitis and bronchitis. Peppermint tea is often paired with herbs of similar soothing properties to treat mild common colds.


Peppermint has been long favored since antiquity due to its distinct scent and therapeutic value. It is widely used in cooking and baking. Its soothing properties and refreshing taste makes it an enjoyable herbal tea, hot or cold.
Ingredients: Organic peppermint leaves
Packaging: Craft paper bag with window (with filters)
Net weight: 20 grams
Product origin: Greece
Production area: It is written on the product


To enjoy hot, add some peppermint leaves in the filter found in the packaging and place it in a cup. Fill the cup with hot water (approximately 90°C) and then cover the cup and let the tea brew for at least 5-7’. Then remove the filter and enjoy your tea as it is or by adding a sweetener of your choice.
To enjoy cold, repeat the above steps by doubling the amount of tea leaves and adding ice cubes when the tea has finished brewing.